Dispute advisory

Create leverage to successfully conclude court cases

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Service Description

  • perform case history review

research case players, focusing on the following:

  • professional and business history;
  • psychological profile;
  • personal and business associations and affiliations, including shareholdings and directorships;
  • financial status and business interest;
  • conflict of interest and legal issues.
  • create relational charts;
  • reveal risk and opportunities;
  • identify third party players associated with the opposing side and their business interest;
  • reveal the opposing sides visible and invisible business interest and goals;
  • design various negotiation scenarios.

Case Intelligence Team

Each case is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, as follows:

  • Project Director
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Field Investigators
  • Surveillance Crew
  • Financial Analyst
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Auditors
  • Profiler
  • Communication/Media Specialist