Relational Analysis

Issue:  A Client approached Interdiligence to run a background check and relational analysis on a possible partner, a well-known entrepreneur from Africa, the Subject.

Process: The Interdiligence analytics department launched into action, extensively searching the web and gathering OSINT.  All of the information was compiled into our state of the art in-house software where it was sanitized, validated, and then processed.  Using this data charts and graphs were drawn up to map all relationships: family, businesses, NGO’s, third parties, and known and unknown associates.  The clear picture was a well connected entrepreneur who owned or worked for several companies that were all doing business together.  Inside of these companies were associates, many of whom had been accused or convicted of crimes ranging from fraud, bribery, and extortion. 

The operational team, using data from the analytical department, contacted local sources to compile HUMINT. Individuals on the ground were put under surveillance, documented, approached and interviewed. All new data was compared to our software searches to provide factual and up to date information.  What was uncovered confirmed our OSNIT findings and provided more.  The Subject was not only dealing with controversial individuals, he was also engaged in several court cases and subpoenas, accused of fraud, and cited in an SEC filing for being engaged in a “ponzi scheme”

Outcome: With the information from the Interdiligence investigation the Client was able to step back from business with the Subject; saving the Client untold financial losses, negative publicity, and litigation.