About Elvis Renghea

elvis renghea

Elvis Renghea

Operations Director

Elvis is the Chief Operations Officer of Interdiligence and a highly regarded advisor on business security and competitive intelligence. 

In this role, he is responsible for driving operational excellence in all areas of the company including business solutions, risk management and employee experience. 

Since 2016, Elvis has served Interdiligence in various operational and management roles, until 2020 when he was promoted to his current position.

At Interdiligence, Elvis has been engaged in field investigations and operational and executive coordination in due diligence, business competitive intelligence, investigative audits, and fraud investigation cases, successfully assisting clients to either smoothly win litigation, gain significant leverage in negotiations, or recover financial debts.

Prior to joining Interdiligence, Elvis worked in the Romanian national security system, gaining a rich professional experience in financial crimes investigation and criminal intelligence management.

Elvis graduated from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy with a B.A. in Law and Police Sciences. Then earned a Masters in Business Management – Stock Exchange Negotiations from the Romanian American University.