About Benjamin Wall

Benjamin Wall

Corporate Director of Communications

Benjamin Wall has been director of communications at Interdiligence since 2021. He leads a team responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies that help advance Interdiligence and catalyze broad impacts for clients and partners.

Through the sharing of effective ideas and practices via publications, partnerships with marketing and communication companies, web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences Benjamin has collaborated to improve clarity of communication and public image of clients, assisted the promotion of local community projects, and banded together with our team, clients, and partners to create clear channels and approaches to communication.

Prior to joining Interdiligence, Benjamin developed his expertise as a teacher, manager and mentor, in the education and public communication systems in the US, China, Guatemala, and Romania.

He used his time abroad to study and explore intercultural communications and pursue his expanding interest in how diverse communities interact and how these interactions are changing in an increasingly global marketplace. His international work provides our clients with a historical, cultural, and social developmental focus that ensures clear communication between their organizations and local communities.

He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he earned his BA in History, with a focus on European and American history, and a M.Ed with a concentration of curriculum development.