Company Leadership

The leadership team ensures that the company operates as a highly effective and powerful instrument in support of any corporate executive or business owner.

Marius Ghiba

CEO and Founder

Charles Vernon

Partner - General Counsel

Elvis Renghea

Chief Operations Officer

Cristina Paulet

Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Banarescu

Intelligence Analysis Director

Mihai Georgica

Projects Director

Antoniu Dascalu

Operations Logistics Coordinator

Benjamin Wall

Corporate Communications Director

Case Intelligence Team

Each Interdiligence case is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experts:

  • Project Director
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Field Investigators
  • Surveillance Crew
  • Financial/business analyst
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Auditor
  • Profiler
  • Communication/Media Specialist

Our consulting teams work with our clients to extract crucial evidence and data, allowing them to quickly focus on the key issues of any business analysis or corporate investigation.

As a multidisciplinary team of experts, Interdiligence is designed to operate as a powerful instrument for any business owner, corporate executive or lawyer facing tough or sensitive business decisions. We pride ourselves on delivering the most efficient “out of the box” business solutions, maximizing clients profit and guiding them through difficult and complex matters.