Litigation Assistance

Issue: A major player in the food processing industry hired Interdiligence to investigate the illicit activities of a neighbor, who they accused of harassment and blackmail. The neighbor claimed that the Client’s industrial activity had polluted the local environment, generating damages to his property and was claiming a huge amount in damage. Multiple Court cases were opened by the neighbor against the Clients industrial operations — across the country.

Interdiligence mobilized a team of data analysts, field investigators, legal and real estate experts, and a project manager.

Process: The analytical team got to work scraping and scrolling the web to collect valuable OSNIT.  Key information about the Subject was researched and collected; property owned, business associates (known and unknown), past illicit behavior, and modus operandi.  The material was placed in our in-house software, santized, and then used to develop tables, graphs, and relational charts.  All this material was handed over to the operational team and project manager.

The operational team put people on the ground to collect HUMINT to corroborate and extend the OSINT intelligence.  Key individuals were put under surveillance, documented, and several were approached.  All material was documented and included into weekly reports for the Client.  Real estate experts were activated in the field to gather first hand knowledge of the Subject’s property.  All material was documented and used by the legal team and project manager to develop out of the box solutions.

Findings/Solutions: Through our in-depth investigation were were able to develop solutions for the client using the valuable data uncovered;

  • The claimed environmental pollution was proved to be false and intentionally used by the Subject to extort money from the Client; 
  • Subject has controversial political relationships
  • A clear modus operandi of Subject
  • Involvement in / with criminal organizations / individuals
  • Third parties that were willing to collaborate with the Client

Taking the information collected, both on the ground and digitally, and solutions provided by Interdiligence, the Client was able to produce enough leverage to stop all aspects of harassment, continue with their business, and move forward with a continuous sense of security.