Tax and Criminal Litigation

An important player in the advertising industry (the Client) was subject to a tax inspection which ended up in a tax evasion criminal complaint.

The Client contracted Interdiligence to produce a full risk analysis report to include an all-round strategy to fight the allegations.

Interdiligence performed a full review and analysis of all the tax inspection related aspects (procedures followed, merits of cause, persons involved,  financial and accounting documents involved etc.).

Based on the findings, Interdiligence developed and implemented a full range of complementary solutions to mitigate the risk:

  • recruited better qualified new personnel to fill in a key accounting position
  • supported the Client to eliminate internal vulnerabilities and to be prepared for any other future tax inspection
  • assembled legal arguments for each and every one of the allegations, to be used as a guide in building up the legal defense by the company lawyers
  • recruited experienced criminal lawyer to handle the criminal litigation, teaming up with company lawyers

Based on Interdiligence’s input the practical probability of criminal penalties has been greatly diminished.