Risk Assessment


Issue: A Non-Governmental Organization hired Interdiligence to perform a country wide assessment of counterfeit and illicit agri products on the market.

Process: Our analytical team collected data from three major national agencies and then supplemented that data with OSINT, obtained via robotic scrapers. All data  was transferred into our in-house software where it was sanitized and organized into local, regional and national categories. Each category was reported on and included statistical analysis graphs and relational charts visualizing the connections, nexus and all business and individual entities involved. Geo mapping was done to show the major border crossing points and the local, regional and national sales of the illegal products.

The operational team used the known material to perform field surveillance, identification, documentation, interviews and, with clients’ approval, sting operations.  They mapped out a national and regional distribution network, identified unknown third parties involved in the transport and sales of products and gained access to their international market; including key individuals, transit routes and major entities involved in the black market.

All data was sent back to the analytical team to be incorporated into the intermediary and final reports for the Client.

Finding/Solutions/Results: In the end Interdiligence produced various scenarios that allowed the following:

  • cut down on international transit of illicit products;
  • dismantle criminal organization;
  • file criminal cases against major entities involved;
  • limit illicit products available on the black market;
  • discourage future networks from arising;
  • identified solutions to mitigate losses, including an effective communication with authorities;
  • permanent monitoring of the parallel market through specific software.