Reputational Defense

An important entity in advertising (the Client) was accused of tax evasion after an investigation.

The client contracted Interdiligence to complete a full risk analysis report along with an blanket strategy to fight the allegations.

Interdiligence fully reviewed and analyzed all aspects of the tax inspection including: procedures followed, merits of cause, person involved, financial and accounting documents involved, etc.

The team then used its findings to develop and implements a full range of solutions to mitigate the risk:

  • recruited more qualified personnel for the key accounting position;
  • supported the Client in eliminating internal vulnerabilities and preparing for any future tax inspection;
  • compiled legal arguments for each and every allegation, to be used as guides in building the legal defense by the company lawyers;
  • recruited an experienced criminal lawyer to handle the criminal litigation, collaborating with company lawyers.

The Client’s lawyer was able to use the provided solutions to dismiss the criminal charges and have the case reviewed by the tax authorities.