Market Entry Investigation

An European financial fund opened up new business on the Eastern-European market where invested in one of the highest profile group of companies in the region.

The Client contracted Interdiligence to perform a country deep market intelligence mapping, to aim at creating  substantial business leverage for the new management team leading the freshly acquired business entity.

Covert field interviews and open source investigations were conducted to gather data about the local business, political and social  environment, entities behind the business competitors, key market influence people and entities (to include NGO’s and professional associations), formal and informal business relationships and modus operandi processes.

Interdiligence produced a thorough report accompanied by a complex  relational chart outlining formal and informal business history, interests  and relationships between all key players operating on the market of interest.

Interdiligence final report was used as an instrumental business tool which highly improved the decision making process and accelerated the business development process on the new market.