Intellectual Property

An international  famous brands corporation identified a couple of small retailers selling its products, on a counterfeit manner, on the Eastern-European market. The subject corporate hired Interdiligence to open up a project case aiming to identify other  potential counterfeit distributors, the counterfeit origin and make a strong case to address to the proper authorities.

A multidisciplinary team of experts have been assigned to collect and analyze human and open source information, focusing on recruiting multiple human sources and conducting forensic examinations on products and financial documents.

Interdiligence experts designed and put in practice various covert scenarios and eventually identified a complex criminal ring which was importing and transiting the counterfeit products from Middle East throughout multiple South-Eastern European countries. Few ring leaders and key black market distributors were covertly approached and documented.

Having its client’s prior approval, Interdiligence delivered a strong package of information and pieces of evidence to local authorities who opened up a criminal case. As result of a thorough investigative effort, the police authorities identified one source of the subject counterfeit products and operated multiple arrests.