Industry Mapping

Issue: The Client was concerned about entering a partnership with a large oil and gas company in the North-West of Africa, the Subject, and hired Interdiligence to perform a market investigation and corporate background check, before moving forward.


The operational team started with boots on the ground.  Using local sources they gathered HUMINT about the Subject.  They monitored key players, tracked movements, and documented their interactions.  Reading through local media the team tracked past business deals, media scandals, and controversial behavior of the Subject and his associates. The team, through surveillance and interviews, was able to gather extensive detail on all business activities, known associates, and the activity of the Subjects relatives.

At Interdiligence our analytical team gathered OSINT data in order to validate the material obtained by the operational team.  Using various scapers and scrollers the Analytical team documented all activity of the client and his known associates. Financial transactions were monitored and documented and used to produce charts and graphs of unknown business associates and involvement with third parties/business. All of this material was placed into our in-house software for sanitization and verification.  It was then paired with the Operational team data and the designated project manager began preparing a dossier for the Client.

Findings/Solution: The Interdiligence investigation showed:

  • Fraudulent behavior;
  • Criminal activities of business partners;
  • Unsavory political connections; domestic and international;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Illegal bank management; cancellation of loans, bribery, manipulation of interest rates;
  • Relational chart; depicting the labyrinth of business, family, and associate corruption, fraud, and political manipulation

The Client was able to use the evidence provided to avoid entering into a risky partnership, which would have caused disrepute and loss of capital.