A mid-size business owner operating a chain of small pubs and restaurants was subject of a high pressure coming from one of his pubs’ neighbors, a lawyer, who repeatedly called the police and other local authorities under various complaints.

The business owner appealed to Interdiligence’s support in order to identify a solution to get into an agreement with the unhappy neighbor.

Interdiligence started a complex open source research on the subject neighbor, focusing on his legal business deals, partners, locations and associations with third parties. Field operatives were assigned to visit the subject’s residence and office locations, recruit local sources and conduct interviews.

Interdiligence’s experts managed to identify few business influencers, subject neighbor’s significant clients, who showed opening to support a peaceful negotiation between the parties. Furthermore, Interdiligence managed to identify a new client for the subject neighbor, making him even more interested for a settlement.

As result of a few constructive meetings between the two parties, Interdiligence manage to put the subject issue to an end.