Executive Management Support

Issue: A well known chemical producer hired Interdiligence on a retainer to help focus and obtain environmental permits for a wastewater plant.  Interdiligience provided a project manager, research team, and litigation assistance for the project.

Process: Interdiligence was provided documentation of the project — development, plans, progress, permits obtained, projected timeline, etc  — and tasked our research team and project manager to assess the project.  The short and long-term threats and risks were compiled into a document and given to the Client.  

Interdiligence was then requested to increase our involvement and we began working to keep the project moving forward: negotiating meetings, setting up public debates, handling third party threats, and managing permits and business negotiations.  

Interdiligence worked with local authorities and community members to promote the Client, we managed social media to handle bad publicity and accidents during construction, and made sure that the Client engaged with the local community and that they provided requested environmental elements.

In constant parallel the analytical department used scrapers and scrollers to compile data into our in-house software.  They sanitized and formatted data to produce relationship charts, third party interest, and threat analysis charts to keep the Client fully aware of what was going on around the project and kept things moving forward.

Findings/Solutions/Results: The Client has continued to keep Interdiligence on the project.  In doing so, the Client will continue to move forward while we handle the major obstacles that face the finalization of their project.  Through our help and engagement Interdiligence will make sure, within our legal ability, that the project is finalized, the community is positively engaged, and the Client improves their image and achieves their goals.