Due Diligence

A few years after a multinational company (the Client) acquired a local agribusiness player it started experiencing unfair competition from another local player, presumably with the help of an employee.

The Client contracted Interdiligence to perform a risk analysis on the unfair business practices and to discover and prove any inside support.

Covert field investigations and surveillance activities were performed to gather data about the local business environment, all entities behind the competitor, and any links between the competitor, its entities, and the Client’s employees.

Interdiligence produced a complex relational map outlining connections between the multiple parties involved, including: competitor representatives, former employees of the Client, local community members, and local authority officials.

A forensic audit of internal legal and accounting documents helped establish the magnitude of the former employees’ involvement and provided usable evidence.

A number of criminal complaints were filed by the criminal lawyer team members which lead to a series of legal actions against both th competitor and some of the Client’s former employees.

The final result was an end to the unfair business practices.