Dispute Advisory

Issue: A major leader in the car accident compensation market  enlisted Interdiligence to perform a risk analysis of a competitor in order to determine what approach(es) should be taken to regain lost business and clientele generated by a suspected unfair competition. Specifically, Client’s Country Manager left the company along with other executive managers, stealing Client’s whole client portfolio.

Process: Interdiligence compiled all necessary paperwork, made available by the Client.  All the material was analyzed and a SOW was put into place.  The Operational team was sent into the field to perform interviews, surveillance and with the Client’s permission sting operations.  All of the individuals were documented and background checks were completed.

The analytical team used in-house software to run financial records and background checks on the Subject and their shareholders.  All the data was placed into software and relational charts, graphs and tables were produced.  Third party entities were identified and individuals with conflict of interest were highlighted. 

Findings/Solutions: Interdiligence was able to produce two scenarios for the Client:

  • Soft Scenario: The investigation showed that unfair competition and conflict of interest had been committed.  Through the use of our staff Interdiligence offered to set up and run negotiations in order to cease all loss of business and obtain compensation for all lost wages/income.
  • Hard Scenario: The actions of the Subject were in clear violation of the law.  Interdiligence offered to supply legal counsel and support to prepare for any legal endeavor that the Client may want to pursue.  The material in the reports was made available as evidence for any such court case.