Debt Collection

A multinational company operating in the construction industry delivered a consistent amount of construction materials and equipment to two business partners who never executed the payments. As result, the business relationships got damaged and all parties started preparing for Court actions.

As the creditor company was hesitant to have a direct strong approach in Court it hired Interdiligence to explore a different type of approach in recovering the debt.

Interdiligence specialists conducted a thorough review of the historic relationship between the involved parties, studying and documenting the business decision makers in each subject business entity. A close attention was given to external influencers, relatives, other ongoing projects, relations with the local political and other business leaders.

Informal communication channels were identified and multiple interviewed were performed. Interdiligence experts were able to identify few business grounds which raised high interest from all parties involved.

Having a strong package of information at its disposal, Interdiligence designed two win-win business scenarios which were proposed to the opposing parties and  invited at its offices for negotiations. One of the scenarios was agreed and a new business relation was created between the opposing parties.

The Client managed to recover 50% of the debt, continuing to receive the rest of the debt from a new business project agreed between parties.