Country Profile

Topic: The Interdiligence team felt that an exploration of the business environment in Yemen (Subject Area) was essential for our Clients. Our analytical and operation teams were dispatched to investigate and compile a risk and opportunity assessment of the Subject Area.

Process: The analytical team – composed of Farci, Arabic, Russian, and English speakers – was dispatched to gather digital information and material.  The team used scrapers, scrollers, and automated software to obtain all pertinent data.  They compiled all of the information into our in-house software where it was sanitized and validated.  They were then able to produce charts, graphs, tables, and visualizations to explain key players and financial opportunities in the Subject Area.

In parallel with analytics, Interdiligence dispatched the operational team to provide a personal touch to the investigation.  They engaged local investigation partners in the Subject Area to conduct interviews and provide evidence to support the data that had been collected at Interdiligence. Using surveillance and interviews the operational team was able to document everything and everyone and produce geopolitical maps for our Clients.  All information on the ground and at Interdiligence was compiled into a report that explored the following:

  • Key figures
  • Business opportunities
  • Financial avenues and obstacles
  • Major political parties and their associates
  • Third party entities
  • International involvement and expectations
  • Geopolitical maps
  • Relational charts

Findings: The informal communication channel between the belligerent parties; a channel that helps potential investors effectively communicate with the local leaders and receive protection during country entry and business development process.