Business Partnership Litigation

A real estate & construction business co-owner (the Client) suspected the other co-owner (the Subject) of breaching their business partnership agreement.

The Client contracted INTERDILIGENCE to deliver a risk analysis report regarding the Subject’s business activities in order to prove or discard the suspicions.

Interdiligence’s project team performed public source research, field investigations and Subject surveillance. Large amounts of raw data were sanitized and further processed into usable intelligence. The focus was on identifying any business activities conducted by or involving the Subject which could be considered inappropriate from the point of view of the partnership agreement.

Interdiligence also performed a guided forensic accounting activity on the internal financial documents made available by the Client.  The auditors looked for any clue or indication of a suspicious financial transaction involving the Subject or any of his potential accomplices.

The Client used Interdiligence’s findings and successfully negotiated a profitable exit deal, with the support of the litigation lawyer who was also a member of the project team.