Asset Transaction

A multi-million Euro business owner failed a eight month negotiation process with an investment fund interested to buy the majority share package of his company.

The Client requested Interdiligence for assistance in preparing his company for sale, identifying clients, assisting in negotiations and closing the sale.

The Interdiligence expert team designed and built a data room containing all the necessary technical, financial and legal documents related to the client company. Taking use of their extended network, Interdiligence’s team of experts identified two leads with whom signed NDA’s and then granted them access to the data-room. Company profiles were drafted on both leads and presented to the client.

Interdiligence experts  organized negotiation meetings and assisted the client  in  all discussions.

Based on Interdiligence’s full support, the client managed to successfully conclude a deal with one of the leads managing to sell its majority share package and eventually exit his company.