Business Development

Issue: Several years ago a mid-level tech company, the Client, began using Interdiligence for consultation in a complex litigation matter.  Interdiligence provided competitive intelligence & investigation, and liaised negotiations resulting in recovery of lost profits and benefits.

Partnership/Collaboration:  Since then that same Client has come to Interdiligence to work with our project managers, intelligence analysts, field agents, and subject area experts on various projects:

  • Continued litigation assistance
  • Financial analysis
  • Exploration into business opportunities in various fields
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis

Through our years of collaboration with the Client we have been able to fine-tune their needs and provide the top-level and “outside the box” services as needed.

Solutions/Findings: Through the multidisciplinary assistance of Interdiligence, this Client has branched out into various fields of business, avoided unreputable business partners, and made large legal financial gains.